TOS applying to our Forum, Discord and Wiki are as follows: We as a community lean in favor of an older more mature audience typically 18+. However we do not discriminate upon age and understand that younger members may and will join our site. As a result of age discrepancies and for the sake of social decorum we encourage and require that language and shared content must be suitable for public viewing by any and all audiences. Members who are socially disruptive or create a negative environment will be regulated on a case by case basis. Accounts created for the purpose of malicious intent such as spam, advertising, hostility such as cyber bullying or other obvious disruptive activities will be subject to removal.

We request that users will not post or share content that violates any copyright laws or infringe upon other legalities, the staff shall not be liable for any legally questionable content and you agree to maintain sole responsibility for your own personal posts and activities within, we assume that you are mature and responsible, but these terms are a standard formality. We encourage that our users will work to maintain a positive or benign social environment and will obey any applicable laws to their countries or regions. These are basic and common sense obligations and standard netiquette. Overall, we simply ask that your actions be benign and that you may have fun without creating a disruptive or hostile environment for the staff or other users.