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    Dragons Valley :: View topic - Hi there. New here.

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    Hi there. New here.

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    Author Message

    Joined: Aug 05, 2016
    Posts: 1

    PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2016 11:14 pm    Post subject: Hi there. New here. Reply with quote

    Hello there. My name is Mika. I... awakened as a dragon earlier this year. Some time in the past, and/or another world, I was something like a lindwurm. I had black scales and a long serpentine body with two strong arms.

    This is really hard for me to type about, honestly. I made this account a couple of months ago, and only now have some courage to post. I feel vulnerable right now. These are things that I don't even talk about with my therapist. My heart is beating very hard right now; but, I want to reach out to others who may understand or at least respect the things I have been experiencing lately.

    I have... memories of a past time when I was a dragon. I sometimes practice a personal brand of meditation to help relax and refocus my mind. This is usually just me closing my eyes, controlling my breathing and trying to just focus on sensations that I feel around me--what I hear, smell, the temperature on my skin, etc--usually for about 5 minutes at a time. Earlier this year I had a flash of memories while doing this. I remembered being on the beach of a large island, peering out at a vast, endless ocean. I didn't know what it was at the time--just garbled nonsense my brain had thought up while trying to relax. However, more and more flashes of memory have piled up over the months. At the time, I considered them weird visions--or just brain nonsense, but I became overwhelmed with the sense that I wasn't human, or well, didn't used to be. The truth is, I haven't really considered myself human for years now, but that was nonsense to me so I disregarded it. However, I eventually started to do some research and discovered otherkin and dragonkin. Again, to be honest, the whole thing is still very strange to me and I don't fully understand my feelings on everything yet.

    What I do know though is that I have flashes of vivid memories that I can't shake and have become a part of my mind. I think I was in something of another world/dimension. I feel like my memories are a type of metaphor in a way--something that my brain can digest and understand. I don't think the physical structure and laws of this universe existed in the same way in that world. So, maybe I'm not a dragon, but my memories seem to place me in such a body. I also am not religious or consider myself spiritual. I know that believing oneself to be dragonkin involves some level of faith, but I don't think that necessarily translates to spirituality. I consider myself to be a skeptic and evidence based, so diving into a world that doesn't exactly have evidence readily available can be unsettling for me.

    I can't deny my memories and what I feel though. I lived on an island surrounded by and endless ocean and blue sky. I lived on the beach. There were rocky mountain like structures near the ocean that I would climb and sun bathe on. There was a forest on the island. I had a friend of some sort. There was a white tower across the ocean that I could barely see in the distance that would disappear into the sky, but I was obsessed about--I wanted to cross the ocean and go there.

    These flashes of memory have really impacted my life. I try not to let them influence me in any way during my day-to-day life, but my thoughts turn to the often. I... sometimes have a sense of longing and sadness. I want to go back there. I want to be in that body. Again, I try to not dwell on these things too much, and focus on enjoying my life here and now, but at times I can't help but feel melancholy over it all.
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    Jafira's Secretary

    Joined: Jul 21, 2016
    Posts: 1

    PostPosted: Thu Oct 27, 2016 9:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    Hi there! I hope I'm not too late that you'll miss seeing this, but welcome to DV! As of the current time, the site isn't nearly as active as it used to be. However, that doesn't mean there aren't any dragons still sticking around with the desire to help other possible dragonkin!

    So, you really seem to have a strong head on your shoulders when it comes to understanding what possible evidence you may have towards your draconity. That's good! I can't tell you how many people I've seen that just accept every single bit of possible evidence without giving it a second thought, it's fairly childish and irresponsible.

    Probably the hardest things about accepting draconity as a possible part of you are the many feelings that come with that. Especially a longing for that possible past life, trust me, I've been through that same hell. But you stay strong, strong like a dragon would be! You fight through the pain because every day is a new day. The past is important because it influences who we are in the present and who we will become in the future, but other than that, leave the past in the past and focus on making every day bright!

    If I were you, I'd take into account that you DO have perceived memories, that's not something all dragonkin can say (myself included). Be proud of what you've discovered, the effect that your possible memories and flashes can have on you is completely determined by you, you have the ability to let them hurt you, or you can embrace them and accept them as a part of you and move on to brighter days!

    The most important thing any newly awakened dragonkin should know is that they are not alone, though the belief is based heavily on the experiences of the individual, having another person around that can understand what you're going through can make or break your draconity. I can attest to this firsthand, I much like yourself felt like I had an "inhuman" side for a few years, but when I discovered that other people, real people had the same feelings and could come together to understand and even embrace those feelings, it changed my whole view on myself.

    To sum up a few needlessly long paragraphs, welcome to the site, hope I'm not too late. Be proud of who you are, dragonkin or not you are special for your own unique experiences! Don't let the past get you down, let it inspire you to look to the future! Acknowledge who you might have been, do what you will with those feelings, and fight for a brighter tomorrow! All in all, know that we're here to help ya should you need us.

    Not to mention, your dragon sounds pretty awesome, I'd love to hear more about him if you'd be willing to share sometime. ^,=,^
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